Adeptus Titanicus: Beta-Garmon In Flames
A Narrative Campaign Day set in the BETA-GARMON Star Cluster.

BETA-GARMON: The principal system of the cluster, seven worlds orbit the weak, yellow star of Beta-Garmon.
Ancient ruins on five of the systems planets hint at a more prosperous past, and the void between them empty save for abandoned orbital stations and detritus fields formed of millennia of human habitation. Activity clusters around its two remaining inhabited worlds, an inauspicious setting for some of the most bitter and hard fought Titan battles of the Horus Heresy War.

You take command of your Titan Legio fighting escalating narrative battles across 3 games culminating in a final multiplayer mass battle THE TITAN DEATH: Tipping point on BETA-GARMON II

This is a Non-competitive event day with a focus on fun and narrative Adeptus Titanicus games in the Horus Heresy in a
friendly, welcoming environment for seasoned and new players.
Prizes will be awarded for painting and themed forces, with awards for achievements in games.

Advance Tickets £15.00 from Board in Brum PayPal at:

Door Tickets £17.50 available on the door at the event start

Tickets include Lunch and a drink.

Players should bring 2 Army lists,
1, 1000pts max (approx.)
2, 1500pts max (approx.)

Both including at least 1 Maniple each, though players are encouraged to bring their entire collections for the big game at the end.


09:00am open
10:00 am Game 1
12:30pm Lunch
01:30pm Game 2
04:00pm Game 3
06:30pm Awards

If you have any questions please send us a message, we are happy to help.

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