Adeptus Titanicus: Palantine Gate Campaign
A Narrative Campaign Day set in the Palantine Gate Orbital Shipyards.

Palantine Gate: The principal Shipyards and Resupply point for the Palantine System.
They must be taken by the Warmasters forces as they march towards Terra, or at least destroyed to cripple the Loyalist Fleet in the sector.
The Warmaster has unleashed his Hounds, The World Eaters and Titan Legions to bring ruin to the Sector.

You take command of your Titan Legio fighting escalating narrative battles across 3 games culminating in a final multiplayer mass battle

This is a Non-competitive event day with a focus on fun and narrative Adeptus Titanicus games in the Horus Heresy in a
friendly, welcoming environment for seasoned and new players.
Prizes will be awarded for painting and themed forces, with awards for achievements in games.

2 army lists: 1000pt, 1500pt, 3 maniple MAX.
Stratagem Cards, Dice, Tape measure.
Control Terminals

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