Welcome to the BiBBBLe Bashers Cup II

3 Games of Vicious Blood Bowl action in one Day!
1,100,000 gp plus 3 Normal skills to spend on you team
NAF registered event.
Hot Lunch provided.

BIBBBLE Bashers Cup
May 23 2020
The BIBBBLE Bashers Cup will be held at Board in Brum, Unit 2, ERA Industrial Estate, Willenhall, WV12 5QU

This will be a three round swiss style tournament.

This will be an NAF approved tournament. However if you are not a NAF member you will not be required to sign up.

£15, this cost will include a hot lunch

9:00 am Doors open and Registration
10:00 am Kickoff Round 1
12:30 pm Lunch Break
13:30 pm Kickoff Round 2
16:00 pm Kickoff Round3
18:30 pm Awards

Please bring 3 copies of your team sheet with you to the tournament. One will be handed into the tournament director to verify your team and will not be returned. The other for your opponents.

Please bring your painted team, pitch and templates, NAF/GW block dice and Chess clock or round timing device/app.
A time limit of 4mins per turn will be strictly enforced, with 2hrs 30mins for each round.

You start with 1,100,000 to build your team.

All teams must have at least 11 players before they can recruit Star players.
If both players have the same Star player on their roster then both teams are permitted the player.

You may purchase players, rerolls, fan factor, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, and an apothecary as normal.

Wizards, Special play cards, and Journeymen will not be allowed.
This will be a resurrection tournament so all injuries and death heal after each round.
Each match will roll its own weather.

All teams must be painted with a minimum of three colours.
No bare metal/plastic showing.
All miniatures are clearly identifiable.
Each model must be based with colour or flock.

2 points for a win
1 points for a draw
0 points for a loss

First tie breaker will be touchdowns scored.
Second tie breaker will be casualties.

We are all here to have fun and sportsmanship will be strictly enforced. Fouling 16 turns in a row, stalling to get a draw or win, or running up the score is not poor sportsmanship. Gloating and ridiculing your opponent while doing so is.

Free parking available all day


BIBBBLE Basher Champion.

1st Runner up.

2nd Runner up.

Most Violent (Most casualties caused)

Best Offence (Most Touchdowns scored)

Wooden Spoon (Least tournament points)

Further details are in the Tournament Pack which can be found below