Carpocalypse Now: Huge Game Day

In honour of the launch of Warhammer 40K Apocalypse, Board in Brum is proud to host a truly Massive Apocalypse game.

Bring as many models as you can carry, then bring some more! No points limits!
Weather permitting we will play outside in the sunshine in our locked carpark!
Armies will be divided on the day into forces of Order and Destruction to be approximately balanced, then destroy each other in one epic game of Warhammer 40K.
Mini prizes will be awarded for achieving challenges during the day, accomplishing missions and holding objectives!

The shop opens at 9.00am
Registration till 10.00am
Game starts at 10.00am till 7.00pm

Advance Tickets are £15.00 available from Board in Brum Paypal at:

Tickets on the Door are £17.50.

Ticket price includes Lunch

*in case of bad weather games will be moved in doors