X-wing prime

We are happy to announce that we will be running our prime Championship at Board in Brum on 13th June 2020. This is a 1 day event comprising of 6 rounds of swiss, followed by a top 8 cut.
We will be using Table Top TO for scoring and rounds, and will be streaming all games throughout the day.

Venue opens 08.15am
Registration opens 08.30am
Registration closes 09.15am
Pre-event briefing 09.15am

Round 1 09.30-10.45
Round 2 11.00-12.15
Round 3 12.30-13.45
Lunch 13.45-14.15
Round 4 14.15-15.30
Round 5 15.45-17.00
Round 6 17.15-18.30

Cut announcement and prize award 18.30-19.15

Top cut will start @ 19.15

TBA but includes FFG official 2020 Prime Kit.


This purchase is for a virtual ticket and no physical product will be sent out to you, If you are unable to attend we can process a refund if you email us before 12 noon on Wednesday 3rd June 2020. Please email contact@boardinbrum.co.uk