About us

Tabletop Gaming venue in the West Midlands
Board In Brum is a tabletop gaming venue and retail store selling tabletop and board games. We have been open since the end of Apr 2018 and we are loving it. We have loads of stock, most of which is at 15% off RRP (there are exceptions so please call before you visit if you are looking for something niche). Our main seller is, of course, GW. But we also stock Warlord, GF9, Crooked Dice, Fantasy Flight, Battlesystems, Mantic, Footsore, Privateer Press, Ares Games, Gamemat.eu, Tinywargaming mats, Word Forge Games, World Of Twilight, Army Painter and lots of Board Games. Our range will continue to expand, so please check back regularly. We also have 12 6’x4’ free-to-use gaming tables, complete with various eras of scenery so you can pop down anytime for a game. If you don’t have an opponent you can always join the Board In Brum community page on Facebook to find one. Hope to see you soon.