This multi-part plastic kit contains everything necessary to assemble a Deathwatch Kill Team. There’s a massive amount of variety contained on these sprues – use the army builder rules in Codex Deathwatch to gear your Kill Team up for particular battlefield roles. You’ll receive the parts to assemble 5 Deathwatch Space Marines , and a whole host of spares for your Deathwatch:

7 Space Marine heads
5 Deathwatch left shoulder pads
18 Chapter specific right shoulder pads
5 Deathwatch Boltguns (with shot selector)
5 Deathwatch Power Swords
2 Thunder Hammers
1 Frag Cannon
2 Storm Shields
2 Shotguns
1 Infernus Heavy Bolter
1 Stalker-pattern Boltgun
2 Power Maces
1 Xenophase Blade

Weight 150 g

Games Workshop


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Games Workshop



Attribute 4 value(s)



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