Z-Man games is excited to announce Gaia Project, the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Terra Mystica!

Among the vast reaches of the galaxy lie planets teeming with precious resources waiting to be claimed by intrepid spacefarers. For centuries, your civilization has yearned to take to the stars and explore these unknown worlds. Finally, your people have developed the technology to take their first steps into the cosmos.

True to the foundations that made Terra Mystica a massive success, Gaia Project invites up to four players to boldly forge their own galactic empires. Command one of fourteen unique factions as you lay claim to new planets, increase your resource production, and develop new technologies to help your faction colonize distant planets before your rivals.

As your empire grows, you’ll unlock powerful abilities as you develop and discover new technologies. Each option offers tantalizing possibilities and it’s up to you to combine actions to maximize your growth each round. In the end, only the most developed faction will dominate the galaxy.

Worlds for the Taking
You never know what you’re going to find as you traverse the far corners of the galaxy. It’s a big place that contains countless planets teaming with resources for the taking. To reflect this great diversity, Gaia Project features a modular board that players use to create a new galaxy every game. But remember, galaxies are meant to be explored.


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